Collage Park SideKick  foot. Rt. & Lt. Pair (USED)

Collage Park SideKick foot. Rt. & Lt. Pair (USED)


Product Overview

Introducing the Sidekicks, the first adjustable stubbie feet for foreshortened prostheses. College Park engineers applied 15 years of knowledge gained from the Venture® ankle technology to develop the Sidekicks. With natural anatomical ankle motion and a flexible platform, they are a vast improvement over current options for bilateral, transfemoral amputees. Gait-matched and approved for water use, Sidekicks flex and plant in real-world environments for the ultimate balance and stability.

Water Friendly

Sidekicks were tested for water use and are safe to use in the shower or at the beach.

Uneven Ground Compliance

Flat panel stubbie feet don’t accommodate uneven terrain. The combination of a flexible platform and anatomical ankle motion give the Sidekicks excellent ground compliance.

Molded Tread

Adhered to the foot with a molecular bond, the molded tread on the Sidekicks provide traction and added durability.

Custom Gait Matching

Sidekicks were designed to promote balance and mobility. Swapping bumpers and utilizing the Stride Control® feature aid in increased ability throughout the rehabilitation process. This is especially important when the goal is a transition to microprocessor knees.